Authorized Italian Translators

Flair International provides professional certified Italian translations, duly authorized from Italian Embassy; Islamabad, Pakistan.

We deliver certified Italian translation of documents that include but are not limited to affidavits, birth certificates, B-forms, NADRA identity cards, Court rulings, Court orders, Court pleas, Marriage Registration Certificates, Family Registration Certificates, Police Character Certificates, Power of attorneys, Divorce Deeds, Educational Degrees & Transcripts, FIRs, and more.

We take extreme care of the confidentiality of our client’s sensitive information while translating the documents. We have a state-of-the-art system that ensures the security of information.



  • Documents should be legible enough to be able to read text to be translated
  • Only original documents will be accepted for translation
  • Documents should be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to submission for translation
  • Name, father's name, date of birth and place of birth should match with the passport of the applicant
  • Birth certificates should contain National Identity Card numbers of applicant's parents
  • Column no. 21 of Urdu nikah nama should be filled with a statement, showing marital status of the groom at the time of marriage
  • If column no. 21 of nikah nama has been ammended, it should be attested by Nikah Registrar or Secretary Union Council with their seal, signature, NIC number and contact number
  • Translation Fee is charged in advance. Applicants sending their documents via courier can pay their fee online and dispatch a photocopy of the payment receipt along with their documents.
Processing Time
  • Translations of documents submitted with standard fee will be delivered on third working day. However, applicants have the choice to submit the documents using urgent service, the fee of which will be double original amount.
  • Flair International's staff will intimate at the time of submission to the applicant regarding processing time of Court orders, Pleas, Divorce deeds, Adoption cases and other similar documents
Account Details
  • Bank Name: Standard Chartered
  • Account Title: Flair International Pvt Ltd
  • Account #: 01-3244164-01
  • IBAN#: (Pk55SCBL0000001324416401)
  • Branch Name: F-6 Branch
  • Branch Code: 168
  • Swift Code : Scblpkkx
  • Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited
  • Account Title: Flair International Pvt Ltd
  • Account #: 135379010092-03
  • IBAN#: (Pk09habb0013537901009203)
  • Branch Name: F-6 Branch
  • Branch Code: 1353
  • Swift Code : Habbpkka

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Flair International provides“Italian translation Services” through certified Italian translators approved by the Embassy of Italy in Islamabad. Translation services include but are not limited to the following documents Affidavits Birth certificate B-form NADRA identity Cards Court rulings/ order/ pleas Employment contracts Incumbency certificates Real estate convene deeds Property title documents Power of attorneys Warrants We take extreme care about the confidentiality of our client’s sensitive information while execution of the certified Italian translation assignments. We have a state-of-art system that assures the security of information.